Monday, 31 March 2014

"Mantras On Tahiti" And Yummy Vego / Vegan Dinner


To our new event. The first one will be on Thursday May 1st. Hope to see you then. For more details on "Mantras On Tahiti" keep reading. 
Greetings to those who already know about the DEVINE benefits of singing meditations (traditionally known as Kirtan) AND welcome also to new comers who would like to learn about and take part in this beautiful, ancient, scientifically based process.
This timeless practice is the perfect antidote for modern day society which sadly appears to be synonymous with struggle, stress, chaos and toxic living conditions.
This is an amazing gift passed to us by past and present self realised yoga masters, free of charge. A brilliant technique to help us uncover our spiritual essence and connect us with the Supreme. Authentic mantras also come with attractive side benefits. They help bring us into balance, help us to relax, refocus, find our center and simply let go of anxiety and life's challenges.
We invite you to come reconnect spiritually, nourish your inner being, experience heartfelt joy, harmony and happiness. Sit, or dance, breathe and listen carefully, whilst becoming deeply absorbed in the powerful transcendent sound of liberating, ancient, soulful mantras. You then have the opportunity to sing in response. Repeating meditations that uncover your pure spiritual essence, naturally.
There is nothing to join. This is a totally non-sectarian way of uniting all sentient beings, on a journey of self discovery, a pathway paved with beautiful mystical mantras.
No special skills required, no previous experience needed, this practice is suitable for everyone.
Om Hari Om
Peace to all living beings

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