Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Vera Paley Inspirational Yogini - Yoga Palm Beach

Very Inspirational 

It doesn't matter how old the body is the thing is to start practising yoga and keep going, don't stop. 

 Vera Paley: 91
Vera has been practicing for 50 years and teaching since 1983. She currently teaches yoga to Alzheimer patients in Florida and says;
 "I think I'm where I am because of what I do. Yoga is not just moving. It's breathing and daily meditation."

The Benefits of Yoga :

Here's a list of a few.

  •     Stress Relief
  •     Inner Peace and Calm.
  •     Increased Strength, Physical Conditioning and Improved Posture
  •     Weight Loss and Weight Management
  •     Increased Overall Energy
  •     Improved Sleep
  •     Heightened Mental and Intuitive Awareness
  •     Improved Hormonal Balance
  •     Brain Synchronization and Brain Fitness
  •     Whole Body Detoxification 
 The consistent practice of Hatha Yoga offers so many benefits as you see from this list. If you have not yet been to a yoga asana class why not start this week. Check out our timetable for a time that suits you. Start off slowly for example; Friday Heart and Soul yoga this is a good class to attend to gauge your fitness and flexibility level. You can move on from there, but this class would be a great place to start. 
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