Saturday, 17 November 2012

Yoga Meditation Retreat 24th November 2012 - Yoga Palm Beach

An Invite to the LAST Yoga Meditation Retreat for 2012
Saturday 24th November 
10am start until 4pm

 Our Yoga Palm Beach Day Retreats have been alot of fun. Our program and times are flexible but everything manages to flow on nicely.  

There will be a talk on the history of yoga and the spiritual side of yoga. We practise a number of meditation techniques, all of which are very simple. And all of which bring peace and tranquillity to the mind and satisfaction and joy to the heart. 

These timeless practises are powerful and effective. The techniques are so straight forward and simple that you will find you can easily slot them into your daily routine. You can take the skills that you learn at the yoga meditation retreat and continue with your practise at home. In this way you will be able to keep the yoga meditation experience with you until you have the opportunity to come back and practise with us again. The consistent practise of your meditation will ensure that you  keep experiencing the benefits, all of the health giving benefits for body mind and spirit. You will be less stressed, more focused and more balanced.

We will practise yoga nidra or yoga sleep for deep rejuvenation and rest. This is a very popular class, once you have tried it you will understand why. Check this blog for a post on yoga nidra, also known as guided meditation. Read up on the benefits. I can assure you it's a blissfully relaxing experience. You will feel really great afterwards. This practise helps to release stress, tension, and anxiety. There's alot more to it, so come along and try it for yourself.

We will practise Pranayama or breath awareness. You will learn a few ways of how to practise it and how this lovely practise can benefit you and your family. There will be an explanation of what pranayama means and how this practise is beneficial for both body and mind. All of these yoga practises have many health benefits both physiological as well as psychological.

 And of course we couldn't have a yoga and meditation retreat without practising hatha yoga
 So, if you are a fan of yoga or even if you have never been to a yoga class before, you will have an opportunity to join in. Come along, stretch and find your yoga breath. What a great experience. All classes are gentle with a bit of a challenging edge. You will be in safe hands, just let the teacher know if you have any body issues. If you are under a doctors care it is always good to talk to your doctor first. Get the go ahead from them to be doubly sure it is safe for you to practise yoga. 
One of the meditations we will practise will be a group activity, group meditation to music. This means the singing of sacred yoga mantras with musical instruments. This is a very beautiful and very ancient practise. Getting together and singing
has many health giving benefits, some of which you may have read in the Yoga Palm Beach blog profile. In short singing is very therapeutic, it is good for our cardiovascular system, increases our lung capacity, helps to reduce stress and has a powerful effect on our moods. When we combine singing with yoga meditation it is a very potent combination, you will feel it for sure. You will find that you'll be able to relax into the sound and experience the soothing wave of spiritual energy from the meditation. This will give you the heart connection and deep peace that we are always seeking. It's always a wonderful experience for first timers and continues to get better each time we practise it.

Scalp Neck and Shoulder Massage by Carmen 

Our friend Carmen is a qualified beautician, she will take us through a power point presentation and explain to us how to massage the scalp, neck and shoulders. She will also briefly explain why massage is so beneficial for our health. We will then partner up and practise the techniques she has showen us on each other. We all know massage is good for us, it sure feels as though it's doing us the world of good while we're having one. The stress reducing effects can be experienced almost instantly. 

If we have time we are going to squeeze in a little introduction into Chakras also.

 Simple BUT Delicious Vegetarian Lunch

Not always sure what we will end up with - BUT it's always wholesome nutritious and delicious

The addition of tasty hors'dourves, good oils, salts, tahini and a squeeze of lemon PLUS a yummy raw dessert guarantees a winning combination.

SOME of the awesome foods we have had for lunch over the year 2012

Feel welcome to call us and book in, a brand new experience for some and a revisit for others. Doesn't matter, come along and dive in, learn something new and exciting. Practise pre-meditation techniques as well as learn about the yoga system and a couple of ways you can meditate. Immerse yourself in the day, have fun, stretch, relax and eat yummy food.

Call 0404076108 or 0468344108 for details



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