Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ukulele - Palm Beach Yoga offers Ukulele Lessons

& meditation
  • Very easy
  • How to Tune a uke 
  • How to hold a uke 
  • Easy chords 
  • Play songs
Turn your old favourite tunes Into soothing and relaxing easy to remember meditative songs.

Ukulele is perfect for meditation, it's an easy to learn compact light and portable instrument. Your first one need not be super expensive, you can begin with a budget uke until you decide what you would really like to own out of the 4 sizes available. You will learn at least one very lovely, memorable meditation within your first lesson.

It's very easy to learn ukulele by using yoga mantra phrasing. Come and try it for yourself.  We will have a couple ukes available if you wanted to purchase one to use at the class.

Or: dust off your own ukulele bring it along, get those brain cells firing, have a few laughs & make some new friends.

Leave us a comment or txt 0468344108, 0437869983,  if you are interested.

Would You Believe It? 
The Surprising Benefits of the Ukulele.

Hawaii is offering something very newsworthy, in larger numbers than ever before–an instrument through which almost anyone can find musical expression, enriching their own lives as well as those around them.

Such are the unexpected benefits of playing the ukulele.
The association of the ukulele with Hawaii is far from new. In fact, it is a descendant of a four-stringed instrument brought to Hawaii in the late 1870′s from Portugal.  It has gone through several waves of popularity since then. Remember Tiny Tim?

But nothing quite compares to the current ukulele craze. It all began in 1999, when Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ‘s ukulele version of “Over the Rainbow” was used in a commercial for eToys. That recording has been licensed over 100 times since, to sell everything from paint to lottery tickets to food, software, and banking services.

A number of major pop artists and indie rock groups have fed this craze. They include Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, who is about to release a new solo album, “Ukulele Songs.”

And don’t forget Joe Browns (I'll see you in my dreams) tribute to George Harrison at the 2002 “Concert for George.” Four years later Jake Shimabukuro’s rendition of  Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” went viral on YouTube.

See Tommy Emmanuel and Jake Shimabukuro's awesome rendition here.

Most importantly, as singer Amanda Palmer, formerly of  the punk cabaret group, Dresden Dolls, puts it,the ukulele is the ideal instrument for the D.I.Y age. It represents everything that “the grand polished machine of the music industry is not. 

This is the age of democratization in music. Anyone can be a musician. And in a recession, when you have a $20 instrument and there is a big musical renaissance, anyone will want to join in.”

Local strumming groups are springing up all over the place because no special  training is required to join. Ukulele strumming goes so well with untrained vocal styles.  

We were charmed recently by a photo of two middle-aged women learning to play the ukulele together.  They looked so excited and pleased with themselves. It brought home clearly the inner rewards that people get from making music for fun, whether you sing alone in the shower or join a ukulele orchestra.

If you already know how to play, come along and give us a few tips. We are always open to learning more.

To all newcomers ... We all HAVE to START somewhere. Now's the Time ..!


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