Sunday, 10 March 2013

Retreat Yoga Meditation ... Last Saturday in April

10am - 4pm Saturday 27th April 2013


Our Yoga Palm Beach Day Retreats are pretty informal, relaxed and alot of fun. Our program and times are flexible allowing everything to flow nicely.

*Short talks - Yoga Wisdom * Learn Meditation & Pre-meditation techniques * Group singing meditation * Gauranga Breath awareness * Om Hari Om Practise * Pranayama * Hatha Yoga class * Yoga Nidra class * Massage * Simple AND delicious Vegetarian Lunch, Herbal Teas, Pure water.

Short Talks On the history of yoga and the spiritual side of yoga.

One of the meditations we will practise will be a group activity. Group meditation to music is traditionally known as kirtan. Simply put - the singing of sacred yoga mantras generally accompanied by guitar, or other instruments.

A nice description of the meaning of Kirtan is - The sound of the soul singing. A lovely ancient practice which helps us to re-connect with our higher awareness.This powerful practise can draw us into a profound state of deep meditation and joy. A truly heartfelt communication causing the sleeping spiritual essence of a person to awaken and flourish.
On the physical level singing is very therapeutic, it is good for our cardiovascular system, increases our lung capacity, helps reduce stress and has a powerful effect on our moods.

Combining singing with yoga mantras creates a very potent combination. By relaxing into the sound we can experience the soothing waves of spiritual energy from our meditation. This gives us the heart connection and deep peace that we're always seeking.

If you are a fan of yoga or even if you have never been to a yoga class before, here's an opportunity for you, come join in on the day. Stretch, strengthen and find your yoga breath.

The introductory yoga class will be flowing and gentle. You will be in safe hands, just let the teacher know if you have any body issues. If you are under a doctors care get the go ahead from them to be doubly sure it is safe for you to practise yoga.

We will practise yoga nidra or sleep yoga to achieve a sense of refuge, deep rest and rejuvenation. This is a very popular class, once you have tried it you will understand why.

I can assure you it's a blissfully relaxing experience, you will feel really great afterwards. This practise helps to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. Come along and try it for yourself.

We will practise Pranayama or breath awareness. You will find it to be a very healthy, simple practise you can easily add to your collection of natural health aids which will benefit the overall wellbeing of yourself and your family.

These timeless practises are powerful and effective. The techniques are so straight forward and simple that you will find you can easily slot them into your daily routine.

You can take the skills that you learn and continue with your practise at home. In this way you will be able to keep the yoga meditation experience with you until you have the opportunity to come back and practise with us again.

The consistent practise of your meditation will ensure that you keep experiencing all of the health giving benefits for body mind and spirit. You will be less stressed, more focused, balanced and enlivened.

Hatha yoga asanas, yoga nidra, pranayama, etc,. are all pre-meditation techniques greatly benefiting body and mind. Singing meditation or kirtan takes care of the 'soul' or "spirit" component of our wholistic practise. A melodious voice is not necessary. It's all about the beautiful yoga mantras and our meditation upon the divine sounds.

Vegetarian Meal
Simple AND Delicious Vegetarian Lunch - Wholesome nutritious and delicious.
(This is a photo of one of the raw deserts that was served at the Retreat.)

To book in or for further details
Txt 0468344108

There are limited spaces so they will be allocated on a first come basis. We keep this group small and friendly at 16 spaces total.

Sorry there will be no refunds (so please be sure you want to attend before booking in and paying). If you have to cancel rest assured you will be able to attend any of the Yoga Meditation Retreats held during the year, so don't worry. You will have a whole year of retreats to choose from, this means you can pop in at any time, simply choose a month that will suit your schedule.

All payments need to be in by Friday 19th April 2013 at the latest or sooner if possible to gaurantee a spot.

Cost for this Yoga Meditation Retreat is $40- All inclusive.

Learn something new and exciting. Breathe, stretch, relax, & eat yumi food.


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