Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Benefits of Laughter - Benefits of Yoga Meditation

Benefits of Laughter

1. Laughter relieves stress:

Endorphins are a natural stress reliever. Making a point of sharing a laugh with family or friends each day can lessen overall stress.

2. Laughter reduces pain:

 Laughing releases natural painkillers in your body. It really is the best medicine.

3. Laughter strengthens relationships:

Laughing helps create and maintain bonds. Laughing with coworkers and new acquaintances insures your relationships will remain positive and enjoyable.

4. Laughter improves breathing:

Laughter empties your lungs of more air than it takes in resulting in a cleansing effect - similar to deep breathing. This is especially helpful for people who are suffering from respiratory ailments, such as asthma.

5. Laughter gives you a mini workout:  

Yoga Meditation
We've probably all used, or at least heard, the phrase 'my sides ache' after laughing too much. Well, it's no real surprise. A good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm, contracts your abdominal muscles and also works your shoulders. This helps to relieve tension and can make you feel more relaxed.

6. Laughter boosts your immune system and is free:

Researchers have found that laughter actually boosts the immune system, increasing the number of antibody producing T cells. It also lowers the levels of at least four hormones that are associated with stress, so after a good laugh you are bound to be far less stressed.

Laughter like so many activities we are involved in help to relieve stress, loneliness, anxiety. We can sit on the beach at sunset, watch the waves roll in and feel the warmth of the sun in the air, this has a lovely calming, peaceful effect on us, this is very beneficial, helps to relieve stress so this is good. But we know that we are not our physical or subtle bodies, In fact the ancient Yoga txts confirm this. We are spiritual in essence therefore we need something that will nourish us.  Ancient Yoga wisdom tell us that transcendental sound is the solution. Transcendental  sound descends from the higher spiritual realm bringing with it spiritual potency. Often referred to as prayers, meditations, or mantras, these sounds can nourish us spiritually and give us the peace and happiness we are always searching for.

This is a very indepth subject, very enlightening and interesting. If you would like to learn more about how to meditate why not call and book in for a Meditation Class via skype, it's FREE and can be given at a time that would suit you, in the comfort of your home. Isn't technology wonderful.

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