Saturday, 21 September 2013

Meditation Instruments


Is best practiced daily, although even a little every now and then is very positive and will leave an indelible impression on one's heart and mind, a person will be uplifted and changed forever.

The beautiful practice of sacred sound meditation (kirtan) has been practiced and taught by Yoga masters for centuries. This practice has been passed along from person to person and is an extraordinarily precious gift, the most valuable of all special gifts, potent, very simple and purifying. 

Meditation is easy to practice and is very enjoyable, it has a freeing effect on everyone, all living beings. This meditation bestows upon the practitioner profound long term benefits, spiritually enriching the lives of all those fortunate enough to come into contact with these meditations, regardless of body they are in. 

As you can see there are many instruments that can accompany your practice of meditation. Instruments are best played softly embellishing your practice, played in such a way as to support rather than overpower one's practice. 

It is recommended that you listen carefully to the sacred sounds, singing meditation (kirtan) and be ready to respond to the person leading the meditation. This is referred to as call and response.

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