Sunday, 9 February 2014

Good person through - Meditation

Take care

At times you may feel as though being a 'good' person is slightly out of your grasp.

Even if you wanted to be a good person, where is the instruction manual? Where are the teachers, the coaches, and the schools? People spend years studying how to be good at everything - from sports to medicine to plumbing - except how to be good to people.

You have a really good chance of becoming a 'good' person by practicing meditation and applying the tried and true formula's of past and present Yoga saints. They teach us that we are neither our earth body or our subtle body (the mind or thoughts).

We offer Yoga Nidra classes here at our Yoga studio, through this practice you are able to experience this for yourself. One of the exercises, is to watch the thoughts that come into your mind and exit again, just as you watch a cloud come into view and then pass off into the distance. In this way you are able to have practical experience of not being the  mind or thoughts within the mind. You are in fact the observer of the mind. Knowing that 'you' are in charge of your thoughts enables you to better control or manage the mind and your thoughts.

Through the practice of meditation you also become aware of the fact that we are all brothers and sisters, kindred spirits in a sense, muddling through life. The revelations that come from this understanding make it so that you automatically become more aware that you should be more caring and more careful of how you treat others, through word or action.

One must remember that not all meditations are equal. Not all meditations lead to the same place. It is important to receive your meditation from an authentic source and that the meditations are linked to the Lord of Yoga - Yogesvara the Supreme.

This is a massive topic, if you would like to find out more on who 'YOU' are, your essence - I encourage you to contact us, leave a comment or visit our Fb page and sister blogs. It's a super fascinating subject one that I'm sure you will find once given due diligence will enrich your life forever.

Take care

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