Saturday, 28 June 2014

Mantras On Tahiti Plus delicious vegetarian / vegan dinner

"Mantras On Tahiti"

Thursday 6.30pm.

A big Shout Out to all of our regulars who come to classes and programs during the week as well as new comers who just want to have a nice yoga meditation experience and have some fun.

Just a reminder that the first Thursday of every month we host a very special event. An opportunity to experience Musical meditations or Sacred Yoga Songs PLUS enjoy a super delicious Vegan dinner.

Here's an awesome opportunity for you to come and relax, bring your friends and also make new friends. Destress in a lovely yoga space, chill and soak up the timeless, transcendental sacred yoga sounds. Feel serenity descend as you sit peacefully, notice how your mind gradually stops it chatter and becomes quiet ... !

Txt me to "RSVP" Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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